Protesters escorted out of Donald Trump's rally at Radford University

RADFORD (WSLS 10) - Many in the Radford community were excited to see Donald Trump, but he was not be greeted with open arms by everybody.

Monday, the tension boiled over minutes into his speech. It started when one protester inside began raising his voice. Trump then stopped his speech to have that student kicked out.

Then, dozens more followed suit and were escorted out as well.

Protesters were instructed not to be disruptive inside, but many said they have a right to have their voices heard no matter what.

Radford University student Michael Marmol was the first to be thrown out, after yelling out that Trump hired illegal immigrants.

"In retrospect, it's terrifying, but I'm just trying to enjoy it practically because this is a once in a lifetime situation," Marmol said. "You've never seen America the way that it is right now and people acting the way that they are."

Trump claims there were 11,000  people trying to attend Monday. That number has not been officially verified.

When protesters were thrown out, Trump instructed security to bring in people from outside to replace them.