Customers line up out the door as Walsh's Chicken reopens in Martinsville

A fire destroyed the restaurant in 2015

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – To say that Walsh's Chicken was packed Tuesday might be an understatement.

The line was out the door at times.

But customers we spoke to say it was well worth it, and they're just glad they'll no longer have to wait for the restaurant to reopen.

"Walsh's is, in my opinion, the best chicken in Martinsville. It's good to have them open again," said Eugene Ramos.

Ramos has been coming to Walsh's Chicken for about 20 years.

When it burned down in September of 2015, he worried that it might never reopen.

"I was asking a few months ago whether Walsh's would be reopened and somewhere I heard the rumors that they would be coming here and I got excited," Ramos explained.

Cindi Showalter and her husband have also been loyal customers for over a decade.

They were going to wait until Wednesday to stop by for lunch but decided Tuesday that they just couldn't wait any longer.

"This is called the two-piece snack," Cindi Showalter said as she held a piece of chicken in her hand.

"You get two pieces of the fried chicken with some coleslaw or potatoes, you know, two sides. There is no other chicken I've had that tastes like this. It is that good."

The food isn't all that's good about the restaurant, though.

"The people are so nice on top of that," said Showalter.

Owners Teressa and Mitchell Walsh say they were not anticipating such a big response when they reopened Monday.

"Everyone has missed our chicken. We've missed our chicken, too. Everyone's looking for the chicken club sandwiches. That's been a big hit," Teressa said.

They say it is exciting seeing the seemingly endless line of customers, both old and new.

"Most of these people were our old customers. We see some new people in here," Mitchell pointed out. "We're just trying to get them all fed."

The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sunday through Friday.