Dublin candle company to be featured on Discovery Channel's 'How It's Made'

Film crews spend hours at Korona Candles preparing for upcoming segment

DUBLIN, Va. – A local company will soon be featured on the national stage. Korona Candles in Dublin will be showcased in the upcoming season of the Discovery Channel show, "How It's Made."

The candle manufacturing company in the New River Valley is recognized as the most automated candle factory in the United States, expanding from Europe just three years ago. 

Dublin was chosen as the best location because of the climate, which is similar to that in Poland, where the original headquarters for Korona Candles is located. Both feature ideal weather for all of the work that goes into candle making.

The NRV location proved to be ideal once again, as a perfect stop along Interstate 81 for crews traveling coast to coast filming this season of "How It's Made."

The upcoming episode will explain every step that goes into making these popular candles.

"It's more the process itself," says Richard Redding, director of production. "How does it fill, how is it wicked, how do the cups move through the system, and how the wax and materials are put into the containers. They focus on that kind of thing."

Once the candles cool and harden, they're sold to privately labeled retailers across the United States. The company is also the main supplier of Walmart tea light candles.

Film crews with the Discovery Channel spent more than 12 hours at the plant, filming every step of the process. Being featured on the series is an opportunity that many employees say they never expected and were excited to hear about.

"For us as a company, the New River Valley being showcased on a national television show is very exciting for Korona Candles," says Sylvia Davis, director of marketing for North America. "The employees are very excited. We're proud of what we do. It's a great opportunity for us as a company."

Now that filming is complete, the segment will still need to be scripted and put together. It's expected to air sometime next summer.

Eventually the series will be translated into other languages as well and shown worldwide by Discovery Channel.