Family of one of three Bent Mountain victims learns of death through Facebook

Cole Kennedy has no family in the area, family was unaware of what happened

ROANOKE Co., Va. – Roanoke County Police announced Tuesday night the identities of the three victims in a murder investigation in Bent Mountain; 18-year-old Miranda Trump, 20-year-old Brandon Dekle, and 21-year-old Cole Kennedy. 

Police arrested 18-year-old Trevor Charles in the case. He's charged with three counts of first-degree murder, and three counts of using a firearm during a felony.


Cole Kennedy's Godmother said Kenendy and Dekle grew up out-of-state and are childhood best friends. Dekle moved to Roanoke to be with his dad who has since passed. Kennedy moved to Roanoke to be with Dekle. Both men lived in the house that police found three bodies in according to Kennedy's Godmother, Jackie Rader. She said the third victim did not live with them.

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Rader said Kennedy's family was unaware of what was going on until someone reached out to a family member on Facebook to offer condolences. She has no idea why this happened, and said that she was very close with her godson and spoke with both boys regularly. She said they never mentioned anything about the suspect or the third victim.

"(Cole) was a good person that believed in Jesus, and that is my only comfort knowing that he is in heaven," Rader said. "He was a hardworking boy."

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