Roanoke BJ's members will receive special deal at the gas pump during October


ROANOKE, Va. – Members of the Roanoke BJ's Wholesale Club will receive a discount at the gas pump in the month of October. 

Anyone who has signed up for BJ's membership before September 30 will receive 60 cents off per gallon at the Roanoke club during the limited time period of October 6 to October 21. 

For those who haven't signed up yet, there's still time -- anyone who signs up after September 30 will receive 50 cents off per gallon at the pump during the limited time period. 

The BJ's gas station in Roanoke will open on Wednesday, October 3 and the club is scheduled to open this November on Hershberger Road N.W. in the Crossroads Shopping Center. 

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