Roanoke police partner with forensic expert in search for Arieanna Day

The three-month-old was reported missing more than two-months-ago

ROANOKE, Va. – The search for a missing Roanoke baby continues. 

The message from police Friday is that they are still desperately searching for Arieanna Day, and they kept reiterating that her parents were the last ones to see her Alive and remain the main suspects.

It's been more than 2 months since the three-month-old went missing. Police told us again today they believe that day is deceased, and this continues to be a recovery search.

They are still searching in Montgomery County in areas where Day's father told police he disposed of her body. Andrew Terry has since been arrested and released on bond.

He said in court that the baby was already hurt when he picked her up from her mother, Jessica Day's home, and that Day died in his care.

10 News asked the police if there are any holes in his testimony or if they believe he is telling the truth,  but because of the nature of the ongoing investigation, Chief Jones couldn't respond.

In the meantime, it remains a heartbreaking case for police and investigators.

"It's Thanksgiving it's time for family. ... We are soon into the Christmas season and there will be one little one not at the table this year because of something that someone that was vital to her safety or entrusted with her safety did and we are going to get to the bottom of it," said Jones. 

Police announced Friday they're using a new investigative technique in their search.

Roanoke City Police Chief Tim Jones said they're partnering with a forensic expert with the University of Tennessee.

10 news asked Jones if evidence found using his technique would be admissible in court.

"The technology is so new we may be new here. If the location of Arieanna's remains come about by the use of his technology, which we won't know about for sometime," said Jones. 

Community members canvassed the area near her home today handing out fliers to the public, hoping someone would have information.

This tragedy has really had a personal impact on the community.

There are several social media pages dedicated to finding her.

Some of those members today -- who are in no relation to the baby or her family -- but have felt so compelled by this case decided to canvas the neighborhood on Hanover Avenue, handing out fliers with day's photo.

They are hoping to bring her home.

Chief Jones addressed the communities efforts and thanked them for their help.

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