New details in Bent Mountain triple murder investigation

Court documents show investigators looking at more phone records

There’s new information in the case of a triple murder on Bent Mountain in June. Investigators hope cell phone records can tell them more about what happened leading up to the murders, as well as a potential motive.

Miranda Trump, 18, of Roanoke, Brandon Dekle, 20, of Bent Mountain, and Cole Kennedy, 21, of Bent Mountain, were all found dead in a home on June 11.

Trevor Charles, 18, of Roanoke, is facing multiple charges including capital murder, for which he could face the death penalty. There’s no date set for his trial.

The documents, filed in Roanoke County court last month, show investigators continue to look at the timing of events, what led up to the murders and Charles’ movements before and after. They asked to look at cell phone and social media records of one of the victims and of a man who was with Charles hours before the shootings.

Affidavits now show investigators have spoken to a man who says Charles drove him home earlier in the morning the day of the murders. He says Charles spent some time in his apartment afterward.

Investigators want to look at the man’s phone, which he says he had with him when Charles drove him home. Because Charles himself did not have a phone on him, the cell tower records could help them understand timing and in which direction he traveled as well as corroborate the man’s story.

The man told them he saw one of the victims leave the house that morning, although the documents don’t give an exact timeline of events.

Investigators also want information from Miranda Trump’s cell phone, which was found near her body. She had been talking to someone that morning on Facebook Messenger. Investigators say looking through the messages could help them narrow down her time of death, figure out what led up to the murders and show why Charles allegedly killed the three people.

Roanoke County police did not comment on the case Monday to 10 News.

This comes after warrants revealed other details in the investigation in September.

Charles awaits a trial after confessing to investigators and telling them he didn’t know why he did it.