Roanoke joins cities protesting National Emergency decision

People demonstrated near Elmwood Park Monday

ROANOKE, Va. – On Monday, people across the country protested President Trump’s decision Friday to declare a national emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border.

About ten people protested Monday in Roanoke near Elmwood Park. They held signs opposing the president’s decision to free up billions of dollars to build a wall along the border.

Some people honked in support of the demonstration as they drove by.

“It's a national day of protest. That's why we're out here. It's Presidents Day and as a president in this area he's failing,” Roanoke resident Robin Barnhill said.

“This latest announcement that he made about declaring the national emergency was just another ploy, a trick to get what he wants, and that's more money for this border wall that's not going to make a difference,” Roanoke resident Ellen Valentine said.

There were hundreds of protests like these across the nation Monday, including in Washington, where activists gathered in front of the White House.

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