Virginia Tech freshman arrested after investigation into hidden bathroom cameras on campus

One camera was disguised as USB charger, the other as a hanger

Credit: Virginia Tech
Credit: Virginia Tech

BLACKSBURG, Va. – A man was arrested in Falls Church after an investigation into the hidden cameras found in Virginia Tech bathrooms, according to university spokesman Mark Owczarski. 

Andrew Wildman, a freshman studying general engineering, was arrested Wednesday and is charged with one count of unlawful creation of an image of another, which is a class one misdemeanor. 

The arrest comes nearly one week after two hidden cameras were found and removed from campus bathrooms. 

It is unclear if Wildman is the same suspect university officials identified last week during the investigation. 

One of the devices was disguised as a USB wall charger, which was plugged into a live electrical outlet.

The other was disguised as a clothing hook, which was mounted with adhesive and Velcro on a bathroom wall.

Anyone who sees anything else suspicious is asked to call the Virginia Tech Police Department immediately at the non-emergency number: 540-382-4343.

Police are asking people to not remove any suspicious items as this may interfere with obtaining evidence.

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