WSLS, The Journey team up at 'Home for Good' site

'Home for Good' project is building a home for a Roanoke family of 13

ROANOKE, Va. – This year's "Home for Good - The Apostles Build" project is inching closer to completion. On Thursday, WSLS 10 teamed up with The Journey FM to continue construction at the home site in Roanoke.

"We're here for the community," said Jaimie Leon, WSLS general manager. "We are part of the community, and this is just one piece of many things that we do."

WSLS 10 and The Journey are both media partners for this year's Habitat for Humanity project, which is an especially perfect fit for The Journey.

"When Roanoke came up, and it was 'The Apostles Build' and we're a Christian radio station, and all of these churches started contacting us, too, about it, it just was a nice marriage," said Mike Weston, general manager of The Journey.

Mwenebatu Ayamba, the oldest son of the family that will move into the Loudon Avenue home, stopped by Thursday to check on the home's progress. Ayamba has shared how excited his family is to move in.

"When it's yours and you've put your own kind of blood and sweat in there as well, it's got to be just a wonderful feeling for them to say this is going to be our place, hopefully for a long, long time," Weston said.

This year's "Home for Good - The Apostles Build" could not happen without the support of generous community partners and local churches. Construction remains on track to be finished in late August.

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