Construction company improving road to help Elliston family

Road condition makes getting needed medical care very difficult for family

ELLISTON, Va. – "I was completely blown away by it," Dwight Reed said about work being done on the road leading up to his house.

Reed was completely blown away when he found out Adams Construction was going to put 30 loads of milling down on the road.

"Initially, we were under the impression that it would be five or six loads," Dwight Reed said.


The roughly half-mile-long road is made of dirt and rocks and is full of ruts, which makes getting his daughter the medical care she needs very difficult.

She has spinal muscular atrophy type 1.

She is confined to her bed or power chair and can't care for herself.

"We've had issue after issue getting the nursing that Abrianna needs," Dwight Reed said.

Abrianna's mother, Alicia Reed, said not knowing if her daughter will be able to get the care she needs when she needs it has been very scary.

"Transporting Abrianna, I sit in the back with her in her handicap-accessible van and I actually hold her head with my hand going down the road because the road is so rough her head wants to just bounce. With this new road, I don't have to worry about that," Alicia Reed said.

Adams Construction's human resources director, Shelley Holguin, said the company decided to help after hearing the family's story.

"I think Adams is really about taking care of one another, taking care of their communities that we are a part of," Holguin said. "Just being able to offer them a safe roadway to enter and leave on, it's what we do."

The Reeds are now trying to raise $100,000 for a new home that will better accommodate their daughter.