Duo steals woman's car, purse at a Franklin County funeral

The two were caught with the car in Maryland

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. – After allegedly stealing a woman's car and her purse during a Franklin County funeral, two people remain incarcerated in Maryland.

On Aug. 3, during a funeral at a church on Lakemount Drive in Moneta, a man and woman walked into the church, stole a woman's purse and drove away in her car.

Investigators with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office used surveillance footage from the church to quickly identify their suspects as Kevin Salisbury, 33, of Vinton, and Courtney Rucker, 28, of Fincastle.

On Aug. 6, the two were found in Montgomery County, Maryland, with the car stolen from Moneta.

According to the Sheriff's Office, investigators were able to obtain a confession.

Both suspects are charged with felony grand larceny of a motor vehicle by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and face additional charges in Maryland, as well as in Vinton and Bedford.

Both are currently being detained in Montgomery County, Maryland.