Where Felicity Huffman could serve her 14-day sentence


Felicity Huffman and husband William Macy arrive at the John Moakley U.S. Courthouse for Huffman's sentencing hearing for her role in the college admissions scandal on Sept. 13, 2019, in Boston.

-- – Now that Felicity Huffman has been sentenced to 14 days in prison for her role in a massive college admissions scam, attention has turned to which institution will be chosen for the actress to serve her time.

In federal court in Boston on Friday, Huffman's attorney requested that Huffman be allowed to spend her 14-day prison sentence at a federal correctional institution in Dublin, California. It's a "low-security" correctional institution with 1,235 female inmates in Alameda County, about 35 miles outside San Francisco.

The Bureau of Prisons has the final authority to decide where Huffman will serve time.

According to CNN, the actress reports to the bureau in six weeks- on Oct. 25.

As an inmate at Federal Correctional Institution Dublin, Huffman would have to wear khaki clothing with her name and inmate number. She'd have to make her bed by 6:30 a.m. on weekdays. She can sleep in until 10:30 a.m. on weekends and holidays --, according to an inmate orientation handbook posted on the prison website.