Authorities identify man who died in tractor, pickup truck accident on US-29 in Pittsylvania County

He was not wearing his seatbelt


More than four hours after state police say a pick up truck slammed into the back of a tractor on Highway 29, part of the highway was still shut down, the crumpled truck still at the scene.

The driver of the truck has been identified as 44-year-old Phillip Hutson, from Chatham.

Pittsylvania County Extension Agent Stephen Barts said the evolution of the Ag industry is making crashes involving farm vehicles more common.

"As agriculture has evolved, we typically have a smaller number of farmers that are operating a larger number of acres. That means the distance between their tenable land is farther apart, means there are more tractors on the highway. Part of the fact folks are tending more land than they used to means the equipment has gotten larger," Barts explained.

He said the farming community and the general public need to make a conscious effort to be safe on the roads.

"From a grower's standpoint, or a farmer's standpoint, one of the most critical things they can do is concentrate on the visibility of their piece of equipment. That includes everything from 'slow moving vehicle' signs to amber warning lights to chase vehicles or escort vehicles," Barts said.

"From a driver's standpoint, I can't emphasize enough being alert when you're on the highway, avoiding those distractions like the cellphone or the eating or what have you."

State police say the tractor was preparing to make a left turn when it was hit.

"The pick up truck was traveling in the left lane faster than the speed limit," Sgt. Rick Garletts said. "The tractor, it had the proper placard on it. It also had lights on it."

This is just one of several fatal crashes in Pittsylvania County recently.

"Listen, folks. As the state police, we can only do so much through enforcement to make the roads safer. We need people to start paying attention, slow down, and wear your seatbelt," Garletts emphasized.

The driver of the tractor was not hurt.

No charges are expected.


Virginia State Police have identified the man who died in a crash on US-29 in Pittsylvania County Wednesday morning. 

Authorities say the crash happened around 6:37 a.m. on US-29, one-tenth of a mile south of Route 863. 

A 2005 Ford 5000 farm tractor was going south on US-29 in the left lane and was preparing to make a left turn onto a private drive when it was hit in the rear by a 1999 Toyota Tacoma, according to police. 

The driver of the tractor, 20-year-old Evany Morillon of Blairs was not hurt. 

The driver of the pickup truck, 44-year-old Philip Hutson of Chatham was not wearing his seatbelt and died at the scene, according to police. 

The tractor had all of its proper lights and signs displayed and working, according to police. 

Authorities say the crash remains under investigation. 


Authorities are providing more details after a man was killed in a crash on US-29 in Pittsylvania County. 

A tractor was preparing to make a left turn around 6:30 a.m. off of US-29 South, about a mile from Bojangles, to go onto a farm, according to police. 

Police say a small, white pickup truck, believed to be speeding, ran into the back of the tractor and the driver was killed. Authorities say he was not wearing a seatbelt, and the tractor operator was not injured. 

The tractor had all of its proper lights and signs displayed and working, according to police, and no charges are expected to be filed. 

Authorities have not identified the truck driver. 

The southbound lanes of US-29 are now open.  


According to Virginia State Police, at least one person has died in a crash on US-29 in Pittsylvania County.  

Authorities say the crash involved a truck and a farm tractor. 

The accident was near mile marker 17. 


An accident has closed all southbound lanes of US-29 in Pittsylvania County, according to VDOT. 

Authorities say the crash happened around mile marker 17. 

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