Virginia school system sued after video shows black athletes being racially, sexually harassed

Parents seeking hundreds, football team suspended as a result


HENRICO, Va. – A video out of a Virginia middle school circulated on social media has now led to parents filing lawsuits against the school system. 

The video was shot in the Short Pump Middle School locker room two years ago, showing athletes pinning African American players to the ground while simulating sex acts and making racist remarks at them. 

Two years after the video was shot, parents of those students are seeking hundreds of dollars.

"I felt sad for my child that he had to experience this," said one parent interviewed in 2017 by NBC 12, who asked to be left anonymous. 

In page 11 of the lawsuit, the parents of one child claim they notified the school a week before that offensive video was recorded, alerting them of a fight where they say black football players were harassed and bullied by at least one white player in the locker room.

The parents say the school promised to provide adult supervision going forward. But eight days later, they say at least two black football players were pinned down against their will as other teammates simulated sexual acts while shouting racist rants.

"As a player that didn't have anything to do with it, it's kind of a kick in the gut," said one student, reating to the school system's decision to suspend the team. 

No criminal charges followed after a police investigation, but the school district fired an assistant coach and hired a Director of Equity and Diversity.

In the lawsuit, two parents allege their child was taunted and teased days after the video made its rounds on social media.

Those parents say the school environment became so hostile, they had to transfer him to another school, leading to emotional distress, pain, suffering and medical bills.