Nonprofit in North Pole, Alaska help Santa answer letters

NORTH POLE, Alaska – Things are really busy at the North Pole post office as letters to Santa flood in from around the world.

In North Pole, Alaska, Christmas is celebrated all year round. But as Christmas approaches, Santa and his elves get very busy.

As thousands of letters come in by the day, elves with the non-profit ‘Santa’s Letters’ help respond to children who are just hoping for a response.

"Dear Santa, I have two new sisters. I hope they have a good Christmas. I don’t know what to ask for, surprise me, you know what i like. Toys, clothes, books, music, art, cute movie stuff, I don’t know, you never disappoint, I hope you’re doing well. The north pole seems really cold, how do you deal with that?”

While some just want to say hello, Sharon Beeman, head elf with Santa’s Letters, said, “They believe in miracles, and they believe in santa, and they’re doing very well in school and they’re not asking for a present. They’re just asking to say hello to the helpers and the elves, and to Santa.”

Beeman says they have received close to 5,000 letters this year.

“When I’m going crazy, when I’ve got bins and bins of letters and I haven’t separated them, and we’ve done ten signings and we’re trying to get everything organized," said Beeman. "I have those moments of ‘Why, why am I doing this?,’ and then I think because it’s going to make some child happy, and that makes me happy.”

Elf Rachele Graham says for many kids, it means a lot just getting an answer from the North Pole.

“I have family in other places too and that is one of the biggest things is you live in North Pole? You know Santa Claus?" said Graham. "Yeah, we see him walking down the street. So, just be able to help out and give them something to believe in.”

While elves are responding to letters, Santa is hearing from children in person on what they may want this year.

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