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9-year-old boy breaks weightlifting records

SHREVPORT, LA – Can you lift 230 pounds?

If the answer is no, you’re about to meet a nine-year-old who is stronger than you.

Tate Fegley decided to start lifting weights about 18 months ago.

Since then, he’s been working out every morning.

So far, he’s broken seven records in his weight class -- three of them in a single day.

Tate can bench press 92 pounds, squat 190 and deadlift 230.

He says he never set out to break records, he just liked the sport.

“I just loved watching them work out and lifting the weights," said Tate.

“He works ridiculously hard, and it’s very motivating to see," said Peyton Grey, his trainer. “I think that’s 99% of his progress, is how hard this young man works.”

Tate is heading to Florida this summer to try to win a national championship.