Person shot outside the White House temporarily halts President Trump press briefing

Law enforcement shot someone, according to President Trump

President Trump is speaking to members of the press from the White House.

WASHINGTON – While giving a briefing on Monday evening, President Donald Trump left.

The president left the podium after a Secret Service agent came up to him and escorted him out of the briefing room.

When he came back about 8 minutes later, he told media that someone had been shot outside the White House.

“There was an actual shooting and somebody’s been taken to the hospital,” said Trump.

The president did not know the condition of the person who had been shot.

The shooting was not on White House property, but “pretty close,” according to Trump.

The president said the shots were fired by law enforcement, saying he believed the individual who was shot was armed. “It was the suspect who was shot,” Trump said.

He said that it appeared that someone in law enforcement had shot a suspect.

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