Jerry Falwell Jr. undergoing treatment at NYU hospital for blood clots in his lungs

He was in the hospital last week for the fourth time since August

Jerry Falwell Jr. (Jerry Falwell Jr.)

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Some Liberty University students have questioned why Jerry Falwell Jr. has been “absent,” and on Sunday, he provided an explanation.

The former Liberty University president said in an Instagram post that he was in New York University’s Langone Hospital last week for the fourth time since August due to clots in his lungs.

According to Falwell Jr., his blood saturation levels have been between 77 and 92 for seven months which is below the normal range of 96 to 99.

“I didn’t even have the strength to go on TV to refute lies in the press,” Falwell Jr. said.

Falwell Jr. was happy to attend the Liberty Mens’ Lacrosse game this weekend and said that he’s been prescribed blood thinners that should dissolve the blood clots within weeks or months.

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