AG Mark Herring urges Virginians to be cautious of scams targeting immigrants

Scammers are overcharging immigrants for help with DMV services


Attorney General Mark Herring is warning Virginians about fraudsters who are scamming immigrants out of hundreds of dollars.

In a consumer alert, Herring said scammers are overcharging immigrants hundreds of dollars to help them apply for driver’s licenses and driver privilege cards through the DMV. There have been multiple reports of scammers targeting immigrants who are unfamiliar with the application process and then asking them for money through gift cards or other forms of payment.

“No one has to pay hundreds of dollars for help with applying for a driver’s license or driver privilege card from the DMV,” said Herring. “Unfortunately, there are bad actors out there who will exploit fear, doubt, or insecurity just to line their own pockets. My team and I are here to protect all Virginians and if you or anyone you know has been a victim of a scam like this one please reach out to my Consumer Protection Section.”

While there are legitimate immigrant assistance organizations that may charge an additional fee for translation services, Herring notes that DMV fees for a driver’s license or a driver privilege card should never cost hundreds of dollars. Here’s a breakdown of the application process and costs for a Driver Privilege Card and Driver’s License.

Anyone who believes they or someone they know has been a victim of this or any other scam is asked to contact Herring’s Consumer Protection Section by phone at 1-800-552-9963 or by email at

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