Three Michigan teens help save people from burning home

WDIV reported that they helped save two people from the fire

Three Livonia teenagers helped save two people from a house fire on Aug. 29, 2022. (City of Livonia)

LIVONIA, Mich. – Three Michigan teens were in the right place at the right time.

Earlier this week, the teens were driving past a house fire when they took action to help the residents to safety, officials told WDIV.

Ethan Morche, Chase Adams, and Colin Anderson noticed smoke coming from the roof of a home at 3:52 p.m. on Monday in Livonia, authorities said.

After they stopped the car, Chase and Ethan called 911, police told WDIV.

The teens heard someone inside the home shouting, and Chase and Ethan tried to get inside the front door, police told WDIV, but they couldn’t get in, so they went around the house and found an unlocked sliding door.

Colin waited outside the home to tell firefighters that there were people inside, including his two friends, police said.

Authorities said that Chase helped one person out, and when he called out to Ethan and didn’t get a response, he went back inside to help another person to safety.

“We couldn’t be more proud of these young men who remained calm, did the right thing, and were directly responsible for saving the lives of two of their neighbors,” Livonia Fire and Rescue Chief Robert Jennison told WDIV. “They could have just drove by, but instead, they decided to take action, and stopped this incident from becoming a tragedy resulting in loss of life.”

The teenagers and residents were treated for minor smoke inhalation before being released at the scene, officials said.

You can see a neighbor’s doorbell video of the rescue below, courtesy of WDIV.

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