Parole board member, investigators visit crime scene before granting Jens Soering, Elizabeth Haysom parole

Soering, Haysom set to be deported

BEDFORD Va. – “Mr. Haysom’s body was found approximately in this location right here,” John Peniche said while pointing to his kitchen floor as he gave 10 News reporter Magdala Louissaint a tour of his home.

John and his wife Suzanne bought a house on Holcomb Road eight years ago.

“Never regretted it. We love it here. I never really think about the murders. This is our home and we’re very happy here,” Suzanne Peniche said.

The Peniches, Lynchburg-area natives, live in the same house where Derek and Nancy Haysom were murdered by their daughter Elizabeth and her then-boyfriend Jens Soering in 1985.

“Mrs. Haysoms body was found in kitchen … sprawled out on the floor,” John Peniche said.

Soering was serving two life sentences and Haysom was serving 90 years for the murders.

Soering, who confessed but later recanted, spent decades behind bars wanting to be granted parole.

That became a reality for Soering and Haysom on Monday.

“They’ve been released, but I think it’s important for people to remember that doesn’t mean the convictions were overturned, they were found not guilty or exonerated in anyway,” John Peniche said.

A parole board member tells 10 News she and two investigators came to the Peniches home in September. The Peniches say they were told coming back to the crime scene would help board members with their decision.

“That’s just one conversation I overheard them talk about. Why Mrs. Haysom in the kitchen, Mr. Haysom near the front door,” John Peniche said.

The release of the pair has community members split and has certainly opened a 33-year-old wound.

“For many, many people in Bedford County and the surrounding community who feel very strongly about this ... this has probably, may have opened up a wound. I do not think it’s likely to be the end of it,” Suzanne Peniche said.

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