’I’m frustrated, angry and saddened’: Roanoke mayor has strong words after weekend of gun violence

Violence comes about a week after multiple News Year’s Day shootings

ROANOKE, Va. – “Just sad, that’s all,” said Qae Copeland, whose mother lives near the scene of Saturday’s deadly shooting.

Copeland said gun violence needs to stop.

“I understand guns to protect yourself, but fight. That’s how I see it. You can fight instead of shooting somebody," said Copeland.

Early Saturday morning, 25-year-old Nasion Brewer was shot and killed on Gandy Street Northwest, which is within eyesight of Copeland’s mother’s house.

Police believe a confrontation between Brewer and another man led to the shooting.

“I was gone. I just came back to visit (my mother)," Copeland said. "Seeing the cops and everything, I was just trying to make sure she was okay.”

The violent weekend comes just over a week after multiple shootings on New Year’s Day, one of which, police say, was the result of an argument.

Roanoke Mayor Sherman Lea took a shot Monday at the community and legal system.