Body armor, gas mask: Search warrants reveal new details about Michael Brown

According to one search warrant, 70 items were collected from the RV

ROANOKE, Va. – Search warrants reveal new details about the weeks-long nationwide manhunt for a marine, accused of killing his mother’s boyfriend in Franklin County.

According to one search warrant, investigators collected 70 items from the RV officials believe Michael Brown was using. It was found in a church parking lot in Roanoke, Nov. 14, 2019.

Among the items collected were nine pistols and rifles, dozens of rounds of ammo, a gas mask, body armor, night vision goggles, a chemical suit and an Army handbook on explosives.

The search warrant also revealed the day before the RV was found, investigators talked to an “associate” who confirmed he had been with Michael Brown, but Brown left in an RV.

Surveillance video from an area close to the associate’s location showed an RV pulling into a campground, pulling an enclosed trailer.

As 10 News has reported, Brown is believed to have spent part of his time on the run at a campground in South Carolina.

An enclosed trailer was found abandoned on the side of the road in South Carolina.

Inside was a black Lincoln Town Car investigators believe Brown was using to get around.

According to the search warrant, when investigators found the RV a “white, male subject was observed running from the recreational vehicle upon law enforcement arriving in the area.” Police did not say whether that was Brown or someone else.

A second search warrant for a Roanoke credit union showed investigators searched a bank account for “any and all evidence of purchases made of elements of the crime.”

Brown is accused of shooting Rodney Brown Nov. 9, 2019 at the Franklin County home Rodney lived in with Michael Brown’s mother.

After 18 days on the run, Brown was found hiding at the home and arrested.

He is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing next month.