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Provisional Super Tuesday ballots counted in Roanoke

Ballots not expected to change outcome of election

ROANOKE, Va. – Super Tuesday may be over, but work to count the votes continued Wednesday.

According to the Department of Elections, turnout for this primary was higher than 2016′s primary.

In Virginia, Joe Biden won with 53% followed by Bernie Sanders with 23%, Elizabeth Warren with 11% and Mike Bloomberg with 10%.

Wednesday afternoon, election workers in Roanoke tallied the city’s provisional ballots.

Those are ballots cast by voters whose eligibility has to be verified before their vote can be counted.

There were 30 regular provisional ballots, according to Roanoke Registrar Andrew Cochran.

He said the provisional ballots are not likely to change the outcome of the election.

“We have not had that happen, simply because our margins have been so wide, but that is a possibility, of course," Cochran said.

The main reason votes didn’t get approved is they did not vote in the precinct where they’re registered.

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