Martinsville fabric company starts making items for health care workers

Company making thousands of masks, gowns, face shields

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – A local fabric company is working to keep doctors and nurses safe from the coronavirus.

Solid Stone Fabrics in Martinsville has started making medical gowns for doctors and nurses to wear over their uniforms.

They’re also making masks and face shields.

Solid Stone Fabrics typically makes fabric for clothing apparel, but company president David Stone decided to make the switch when his customers started canceling their orders.

Customers didn’t want their fabric; they didn’t want the production we had in process. They asked us to hold everything," said Stone.

As of Monday afternoon, they had made about 6,000 masks and about 2,000 face shields.

“We’re trying to price these items competitive with what market prices were. So it’s good for cash flow, it’s good to have some revenue going out the door, but I don’t think will turn a profit on it but that’s OK,” Stone said.

He may incorporate this into his business permanently once the demand for the fabric he normally makes returns.

“As our other business starts to come back, which hopefully for all of us it will in a couple of weeks, we’ll slowly start to shift production back to main stream-type products,” said Stone. “But we will continue to make these products as long as we have to and in some cases it could become a whole new business for us.”

While the gowns, masks and face shields are not FDA-certified, Stone said medical professionals have looked at the products to make sure they are being made properly.