‘We haven’t lost hope or faith’: Roanoke family uses rocks to spread kindness

ROANOKE, Va. – A Roanoke woman is getting creative to spread some joy.

Bess Platt and her children are painting rocks with hearts, sunshine and messages like "Be kind" and "Spread love."

At night, they go place the rocks throughout Grandin Village at homes of friends and strangers and along trails and sidewalks.

Platt said it's been their therapy during these trying times.

“I have been overwhelmed with the sense of community that I have seen in my own neighborhood and all over, so I just kind of wanted to spread that even further and let everybody know that they're not alone. We're all alone because we're all stuck in our houses, but we're not alone and we haven't lost hope or faith,” Platt said.

They’ve painted about 150 rocks so far, but Platt said they have a lot of rocks and a lot of paint left, so this is far from over.

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