Lynchburg astronaut Leland Melvin holding free-virtual sessions for kids

First episode reached 26,000 kids including Lynchburg

LYNCHBURG, Va. – A well-known local astronaut is reaching young people worldwide, hoping to inspire NASA’s next scientist.

Lynchburg native Leland Melvin has launched a virtual lesson called Chasing Space.

Leland’s first episode reached 26,000 kids, including some in the Hill City, who are at home and can’t go to school because of the pandemic.

With help from Varsity Tutors, the astronaut is using the downtime to talk to children about his love for science and what motivated him to be an engineer.

“My mother gave me an age inappropriate, non- OSHA certified chemistry set and I blew her living room up. I burned a hole in her carpet. I don’t tell the kids to do that. Don’t do that, but find that thing you’re curious about,” Melvin said.

Melvin and other celebrities are conducting science-related virtual lessons.

His next lesson is on Tuesday, you can click here to watch.