University of Lynchburg using app to track students, staff with COVID-19 symptoms

Students, faculty will have to answer survey questions on Work Safe app before coming to campus

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Come next month, wearing a mask at the University of Lynchburg isn’t the only requirement students and staff will have to follow.

Every day, school officials are asking those coming to campus to check in on the app WorkSafe.

It will ask students and staff a series of questions to see if they display COVID-19 symptoms.

Based on their answers, they will either see a green check mark meaning its OK to come to campus or a red X, which means stay home and call the health center or their supervisor.

“We believe that’s a much better approach than having everybody come in, wait in the lobby, look in the classroom and then be asked and sent back,” Carolyn Parent, president & CEO Live Safe, said.

“It also gives staff and faculty some comfort to know that we are tracking, and we are looking out for each other. I haven’t had any negative complaints about it. I think everybody understands in today’s world it’s something that we need to do,” Bob Driskill, director of campus safety and security, said.

WorkSafe is a new COVID-19-related app from the creators of LiveSafe.

The university currently uses Live Safe to communicate with students for support, emergencies and security situations.