About 240 students return for in-person learning in Lynchburg

LCS say bringing other students back is a work in progress

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Lynchburg City Schools’ most vulnerable students are heading back to the classroom Tuesday.

School leaders have plans to bring in about 240 children with special needs to learn in person, this includes 60 to 70 I.E.P students and 170 English learners.

Some English-learning students will also return to school, but some parents have opted to keep their children learning online.

Special education leaders briefed school board members Tuesday about their safety plans to check temperatures as well as provide lunch and transportation for the students.

“They will remain within their classrooms and that teacher. They’re not going to a lot of other parts of the building they won’t be mixing if it happens to have more than one class in the building. They won’t be mixing,” said the school division’s Director of Special Education Janenne Daniels-Bosher.

School officials said it’s still a work in progress to get other students back in the building.