Roanoke College professor reflects on meeting Ruth Bader Ginsburg

She spoke to his students for about 10 minutes

ROANOKE, Va – A Roanoke College professor is remembering the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and a special experience she gave his students.

Dr. Todd Peppers took his civil liberties class from Roanoke College up to Washington, D.C. to watch oral arguments at the Supreme Court.

He reached out to Ginsburg who not only got his class tickets to the event, she also met and spoke with the students once arguments were wrapped up that day. Peppers said it was an experience like no other.

“She came in and she talked to the students. I think the way it went is she talked with them for about 10 minutes, she gave sort of a stock speech and then she took questions and the students were short of blown away by it all,” said Peppers.

Peppers also had the chance to interview Ginsburg for a chapter in a book he was working on at the time.

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