Parents here are some shortcuts to help your kids with remote learning

We’re working for you to make learning from home easier.

For younger students there's an app called Read Along.
For younger students there's an app called Read Along. (Courtesy: Google)

ROANOKE, Va. – With kids learning from home many of you aren’t just mom and dad you’re now turning into teachers too.

We’re working for you on some easy ways to get help from technology you already have around the house.

The first one is through Google search and can help with tough subjects like science and math.

“Let’s say there’s a really complex equation. It will be able to kind of understand what it is you’re looking for and maybe offer you step-by-step guides or information about a concept like the Pythagorean theorem. This can be great for a student but also for an adult if you are getting up to speed on these topics yourself,” said Molly VandenBerg, a Google Technology Expert.

For younger students there’s an app called Read Along. The child reads out loud and the app will gently correct them if they make a mistake or praise them when they do well!

Smart speakers can be helpful too.

“If you’re looking for help with a foreign language for example you may be able to say something like ‘Hey Google how do you say apple in Spanish?’ that can help them practice or you can do the same thing for spelling. It’s also a little bit of a fun way to get your kids engaged, maybe on a day-to-day basis so it doesn’t feel so monotonous,” said VandenBerg.

Many parents are worried about screen time too. There are lots of ways to set limits no matter what device you’re using so make sure to look into those too.

There are some other helpful features as well:

  • Animal of the day: will give you fun facts and that animal and could be a good way to get started or ready to learn for the day
  • Be Internet Awesome: VandenBerg says this was designed to feel like a game but is also going to teach kids about things like how to avoid phishing scams, how to set a strong password or even how to be kind online
  • Carmen Sandiego games on Google Earth: learn about geography and culture
  • Youtube Learn at Home page: extra content for learning and well being

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