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Vendors traveled hundreds of miles across the East Coast for Salem food festival

‘This is actually one of our favorite places to come'

Fall Fair Food Fundays in Salem is back.
Fall Fair Food Fundays in Salem is back.

SALEM, Va. – With funnel cakes, kettle corn, pizza and everything fried, folks wouldn’t pass up on the opportunity for another round of Fall Fair Food Fundays in Salem.

The idea of fair food in the Salem Civic Center parking lot has been such a hit that vendors are driving from hundreds of miles away to get in on the action.

“This is actually one of our favorite places to come,” said Jessica Patterson, one of the food vendors.

Patterson and her family have been setting up a business at the Salem Fair for decades and wanted to participate after they missed the last Fall Fair Food Funday.

After hearing from the pizza truck owners just how successful sales were, Patterson and her family drove up from Florida.

“We just try to do whatever we can to make a dollar, to keep our business going. Like I said, it’s just been really tough,” said Patterson. “Normally, you wouldn’t drive 800 miles to work for four days, these are different times,” said Brian Gillette, pizza truck owner.

Unlike Patterson, Gillette did not drive 800 miles but did travel from upstate New York for the opportunity.

He says all the vendors are like family, helping each other out when they find a successful spot like Salem.

“It’s probably one of the best we’ve done and that’s a tribute to the community here and how supportive they are,” said Gillette.

Funnel cake truck owner, Dennis Lily agrees and said the idea has been a lifesaver.

“The turnout was so good, I was begging them to let me come back. It was above and beyond what I thought it would be,” said Lily.

“I seen the success through Facebook of these guys and the phone calls I got from these guys,” said Greg Miller, kettle corn truck owner. “I thought I’ve got be part of that.”

Miller could not miss out on part two of Fall Fair Food Fundays and neither could those lining up early for a hot lunch.

If you would like to learn more about the schedule, click here.

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