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Dr Pepper Day celebrates Roanoke’s favorite soda

The celebration switched from a big festival to a drive-thru to stay COVID-19 compliant

It's the taste Roanoke knows and loves.
It's the taste Roanoke knows and loves.

ROANOKE, Va. – It’s the taste Roanoke knows and loves — with a different celebration this year.

Dr Pepper Day is a yearly event that honors the region’s most popular and beloved beverage. And to this day, the city tops the list for drinking the most Dr Pepper per capita.

For the past six years on Oct. 24, the company celebrates with a free shirt and drink.

Why on this particular day you ask? It’s the numbers that are on the Dr Pepper sign in downtown Roanoke.

This year, they planned on having a big festival, but switch it to a drive-thru event on Saturday to stay within COVID-19 guidelines.

“People have come to love and celebrate Dr Pepper Day and we appreciate the community showing up to support the event,” said Waynette Anderson, Dr Pepper Park president.

They celebrated the event by holding a live concert at the park as well.

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