Local counties drafting ‘no shutdown resolutions’ against Governor Northam’s new executive order

Board of Supervisors calling new gathering restriction unconstitutional

At least three local counties are fighting back against Gov. Northam's executive order

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. – Some localities are frustrated by new restrictions in Virginia and are taking action.

Bedford, Campbell and Appomattox counties are all drafting ‘no shutdown resolutions’ against Governor Ralph Northam’s executive order, calling it unconstitutional.

Campbell County Supervisor Matt Cline says it goes against the First Amendment right to gather.

“We have residents in our county who are having armed, state agents come into their businesses to force compliance based on number of people sitting in a bar area, is everybody wearing a mask. And under the threat of, ‘We’re going to shut your business down, ruin your livelihood,” said Cline.

Bedford County leaders met Monday night. After a vote, the topic failed to make it on the agenda. However, several community spoke up during the public comment portion of the meeting.

Campbell County supervisors plan on discussing the resolution at their next meeting on December 1.

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