30 Days of Hope is a ‘huge success’

120 inquiries from all over this region and they are still coming in

30 Days of Hope sees overwhelming success
30 Days of Hope sees overwhelming success

ROANOKE, Va. – “A huge success.”

That’s what DePaul Community Resources says about this year’s 30 Days of Hope.

Over 30 days, 10 News showed you 30 children. We shared their faces and stories hoping to find them safe and loving homes. Some are heartbreaking.

“I’m tired of seeing people having a family and not me. If I don’t get a new family, I’ll have to be alone and I’ll have to do it myself. I don’t want that to happen,” said Grayson when talking about why he wants a family.

Many of you called about 13-year-old Grayson after seeing that but others called just wanting information about fostering or adopting one of the more than 700 children who can be adopted in Virginia.

“This has been the most fruitful campaign that we’ve done since we started working with you guys on the 30 Days of Hope campaign,” said Emily Moore, DePaul Community Resources regional recruiter. “We’ve just seen an outpour of love and support from our community. It really surprised us seeing that our best numbers have been during the middle of a global pandemic.”

Moore says they’ve gotten 120 inquiries from all over this region and they are still coming in. She says the people calling were very diverse, which is important because the children are diverse too.

“We had young families that were calling, thinking about maybe starting their own family but they weren’t inquiring about the traditional infants and toddlers like we typically see,” said Moore. “We saw the empty nesters who maybe just aren’t done parenting, even though their children have left the house they still have support and love they want to be able to give these kids.”

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