Danville reports 30-year low in violent crime rates

Captain attributes decrease to community programs and changing the way officers patrol

DANVILLE, Va. – In a year filled with many negatives, the city of Danville is able to highlight some great news.

The River City is seeing 30-year lows in violent crimes with just 119, according to the police department.

It’s the lowest since 115 in 1989.

That includes lows in homicides, robbery, and aggravated assaults.

In 2016, Police responded to 16 homicides. This year, that number dropped to five and none are gang-related.

Looking back to just last year, here are some other crimes that are down:

  • Burglary – Down 41% from 186 in 2019 to 109 this year-to-date.
  • Robbery – Down 42% from 19 to 11.
  • Murder - Down 38% from 8 to 5.

One captain attributes the decrease to community programs and changing the way officers patrol.

“We had always done some events, but now, it is an everyday way of life, getting out of police cars, problem-solving, it’s a different mindset of doing police work. We’re not riding around being reactive. The folks on patrol are expected to go out and be part of the community,” said Capt. Steve Richardson.

Richardson said since officers aren’t investigating as many new homicides, they’ve been able to focus on cold cases and make arrests in seven murders.

Compared to last year, aggravated assaults have increased, up 14% from 63 to this year’s 72.

Below is a more detailed report of the department’s crime statistics.

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