Man facing felony charges for Bedford Middle School fire to enter plea agreement

Daniel Jared Flint, 21, of Bedford, is facing one burglary charge and one arson charge. (WSLS)

The man charged in connection to the fire at the old Bedford Middle School is set to enter a plea agreement this summer.

A grand jury found probable cause on Friday morning for the two indictments of Daniel Flint, according to Wes Nance, the Commonwealth’s Attorney for Bedford.

Nance said that the defense believes that at this time, Flint will enter a guilty, no-contest or Alford plea.

Below is Nance’s full statement:

Pre-setting a matter as a plea, means that subpoenas will not be issues and both the Commonwealth and Defense believe, at this time, that a guilty, no contest, or Alford plea will be entered by a defendant. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the presumption of innocence and the constitutional right to a fair trial still apply to Mr. Flint and any defendant until a plea is actually entered. Every defendant has the right to change their mind and demand a trial. This would require the Commonwealth to prove that person’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Wes Nance, Commonwealth's Attorney

Flint is scheduled for a plea on June 1.