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New construction project brings more than two dozen jobs to Pittsylvania County

J&J Truck Sales will expand their operations by constructing a new adjacent building.

New project creates over two dozen jobs in Chatham
New project creates over two dozen jobs in Chatham

CHATHAM, Va. – Beating out South Carolina, Chatham was selected as the site for a new construction project that will create more than two dozen jobs.

Working with J&J Truck Sales for a couple of years already, the dealer chose to expand their operation with Pittsylvania County along Route 29 in Chatham.

At a price tag of $5.2 million, the company will create a 45,000 square foot building.

The new project will create 27 jobs in the community.

“Our goal is to allow our citizens to work near where they live,” Pittsylvania County Economic Development Project Manager Susan McCulloch said. “It just allows a better quality of life. Less of a commute time means more time with the family.”

Construction is already underway.

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