Virginia Republican chairman discusses how GOP convention will work

Delegates will drive through polling sites and rank their choices

Delegates to vote in Virginia GOP Convention on Saturday
Delegates to vote in Virginia GOP Convention on Saturday

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Nearly 54,000 registered delegates will cast their vote Saturday for a Republican nominee in Virginia’s race for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.

State Chairman Rich Anderson promised a fair election in what the GOP’s calling an “unassembled convention.”

“I’m going to be in Richmond for every second and for one reason. The buck stops with me, and I’m going to do my human best to make sure this works well,” said Anderson.

Due to COVID-19, Republicans set up 39 satellite locations across the Commonwealth.

Delegates assigned to those locations will drive-thru to vote and list nominees in ranked order from their vehicle.

“It permits individuals to register in descending order, their preference for candidates. So, if somebody is eliminated, they are able to have their views for additional candidates counted,” said Anderson.

Anderson says the system gives all 17 candidates running for statewide office equal opportunity.

“If no one has 50 percent of the votes plus one, in other words, a clear majority, then we’ll go to a second round, which is the equivalent of going to a second ballot at a physical, assembled convention,” said Anderson.

Ballots will be transported to Richmond, where 80 election officials will count them by hand beginning Sunday at 1 p.m.

“I would love to be done on Tuesday. If we have to, we can go to Wednesday or Thursday, if necessary.”

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