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Spare change is changing lives thanks to refurbished parking meters in Lynchburg

A $4,000 donation will help those living in areas considered ‘food deserts’

Spare change making an impact in Lynchburg+
Spare change making an impact in Lynchburg+

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Spare change is changing lives.

“There are so many people who think they can’t help, that they don’t have pocket-load of money,” said Peggy Nolley.

Nolley co-founded Change for Change Caring Meters, which installed ten refurbished machines around Lynchburg since last fall.

“Carry some change in your pocket and when you see a meter, stick it in,” said Nolley.

And that change adds up.

The group collected $1,000 in recent months, and with help from other organizations, turned it into $4,000.

They made the donation Wednesday to Red Truck Ministry, which serves areas of Central Virginia considered to be ‘food deserts.’

“This means we can continue to grow our ministry and that we will be able to serve more people,” said Robert Putt, communications coordinator for Red Truck Ministry.

Putt says they usually serve 250 families each week but saw an influx during the pandemic.

“With some of the stimulus money that was given, we saw kind of a drop off in some of [the turnout]; but now they’re coming back again as some of that stimulus money has been used up, so now we’re getting an increase in the number of folks that are coming to the red truck,” said Putt.

The donation will help folks like 56-year-old Kenneth Parker. He says even with receiving disability, he’s struggling and comes every week so he doesn’t go hungry.

“I’ve been in bad shape. With their help, thank God. With their help, I’m making it,” said Parker.

Change for Change Caring Meters made a $4,000 donation to Interfaith Outreach in January and is looking to collect money again to help another organization.

“A little bit of change makes a big difference,” said Nolley.

About the Author:

Tim Harfmann joined the 10 News team in September 2020 and works at the station's Lynchburg bureau.