Bedford woman using TikTok to spread positivity, help people battle depression

‘Life is what you make it,’ she says

A Bedford woman is going viral on TikTok for a good cause by spreading positivity to those who may be battling depression.

BEDFORD, Va. – What started as a hobby for a Bedford woman and her 14-year-old stepdaughter is now helping hundreds of thousands of people battling depression and suicidal thoughts all over the nation.

“They’ve asked me for advice. They’ve asked me just to do a shout-out video because they’re having a bad day,” Ashley Pentecost says. “I had one about two weeks ago asking me why I do what I do.”

For Salem native, Pentecost, the answer is simple.

“The reason I do what I do is because I know how it feels to be in a dark space. I know how it feels not to have anybody. I know how it feels when you’re going through the roughest time of your life and not have a soul to speak to.”

From a young age, Pentecost struggled with mental heal. Even attempting to take her own life after losing her grandpa. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit that she was able to reflect.

“Life isn’t always bad. Life is what you make it,” she says. “If you’re going to be negative, it’s going to be a negative life. There’s always something to be thankful for.”

She decided she would use her story to help others fighting a similar battle with mental health. Whether it’s a laugh, a song and dance or a life lesson, Pentecost says she’ll make sure no one goes through their trials alone.

“If I can make someone’s day brighter with all the negativity in the world, I’ll do it.”

Pentecost never imagined something so simple could be so impactful--and maybe more of us could take a page from her book.

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