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Carroll County schools propose converting traditional bathrooms to ‘single-use’ bathrooms

The proposal was made in response to VDOE’s requirement for inclusive gender identity policies

Push for single-use bathrooms in Carroll County
Push for single-use bathrooms in Carroll County

CARROLL COUNTY, Va. – Traditional bathrooms may be no more for Carroll County schools. The school board proposed converting “traditional” bathrooms to “single-use” bathrooms.

The proposal was made in response to the Virginia Department of Education’s requirement to establish inclusive policies regarding student’s gender identity by the start of the next school year.

“If you decide you’re not going to follow the law then you’re subjecting yourself to a lawsuit. If you do follow the law, then you’ve got the other side that’s probably going to sue you as well,” said Superintendent Dr. Mark Burnette. “The only resolution I can think of is to find a compromise. That is basically to go away from multi-user facilities.”

It will cost approximately $2.1 million or $300 per square foot. The changes would be made at the middle and high schools.

“if you’re going to come up with a mandate, you need to fund it. The state has pretty much pushed this off on us through legislation,” said Dr. Burnette.

The Carroll County School Board did not adopt the model policies. Dr. Burnette told WSLS 10 News the system’s existing policy meets the requirements.

The school system will ask the board of supervisors for the money at their next meeting on August 9.

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