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Feel Good Friday - Aug. 6, 2021 (WSLS 10)

Ah, yes... Another work week finished and a beautiful summer weekend ahead of us. Doesn’t that just make you feel good inside?

“Feel good” — Ha, get it? Because it’s Feel Good Friday!

Let’s get the weekend started with another round of happy, smile-inducing stories.

A Roanoke couple’s key to a 75-year-long happy marriage

Not many couples can say they’ve been together for over seven decades, but Carl and Georgette Bishop are lucky enough in love to see 75 years of marriage.

The Roanoke couple said “I do” on July 14, 1946, and celebrated the milestone with a party surrounded by friends and family at Pheasant Ridge Senior Living.

Because of ongoing health issues, they don’t get to see each other every day but wanted to make this anniversary special.

“You make the best of it. I know he’s not going to get any better but I’m hoping he will,” said Georgette.

She said their love story hasn’t always been easy, but 75 years later, it’s safe to say they’ve tackled what life’s thrown at them.

Their secret to a happy marriage? They always stick together and always keep each other laughing — even through the tough times.

Duct tape but make it (prom) fashion

Getting dolled up for prom is part of the quintessential high school experience, but one Richmond teen took it to the next level.

Rising sophomore, Giles Ferrell, made her own prom dress out of colorful duct tape, and it’s gotten national attention.

Ferrell’s dress was inspired by the spray-painted Robert E. Lee Statue on Monument Avenue in Richmond after racial injustice protests last year.

“A dress is not only a representation of themselves but the time that they are living in. I suppose it was a way for me to make sense of everything that was happening,” Ferrell said. “I wanted to look at things with a lens of beauty and find ways that things could be beautiful.”

It took her 17 rolls of duct tape and 84 hours spread out over two months to create. Talk about a game-changer!

(City of Dalton Fire Department)

Photo of adorably ‘embarrassed’ raccoon goes viral

Oh, to have your most embarrassing moment immortalized on the internet forever... That’s what happened to this cute critter while he was scavenging for some scraps.

A Georgia fire department snapped a photo of what appears to be an embarrassed raccoon who was caught red-handed inside a home trying to find a late-night snack (Allegedly, by the way — The raccoon has to talk to his lawyer first).

Unfortunately, he got lost on his way out of the home. Cue the adorably awkward photo!

“As you can tell, he was pretty embarrassed about it, but it’s really nothing to be ashamed of. We all need a helping hand every now and then,” the fire officials said in a Facebook post.

It’s okay, little guy. We’ve all had our cringe-worthy moments. 🤷

Local athletes get a surprise Special Olympics announcement

In just a couple of days, the Tokyo Olympics are coming to a close, but let’s rewind to when it first started and 10 News had the pleasure to meet four local Special Olympics of Virginia athletes.

Christopher Curtis, Joshua Crump, Ashley Peregoy and Josh Norris all had to put their passions for sports on pause during the coronavirus pandemic since there were limited in-person activities. But now, they’re back and more excited than ever!

“Special Olympics means home, tradition and stuff like that. That’s why I play this,” Joshua said.

After a year of surprises, the four athletes were happily surprised to know they are headed to the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games! They will be among the more than 5,500 athletes competing next year in Orlando.

Joshua and Josh will compete in track and field, while Ashley and Christopher will compete in bowling.

Best of luck to these superstar athletes!

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