Campbell County group breaks ground on community center to help healing veterans

The complex is scheduled to open early 2022

A Campbell County group is breaking ground on a new complex to help those who served.

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. – The National Center for Healthy Veterans broke ground Friday on a community center at Valor Farm in Altavista.

The complex includes a lounge, kitchen, meeting space, laundry and weight rooms.

It’s a multi-purpose building with the purpose of helping veterans who are healing.

“The idea is to have everything taking place in the community center. This is to really discourage isolation,” said Ben King, chief operating officer of Quarry View Building Group.

A community center is planned for the five villages. Each village will be made up of 20 tiny homes for veterans.

Retired Army General Jeff Horne runs the day-to-day operations and says the centers are vital.

“The houses are set up for [veterans] to be able to enjoy their time here on the farm, but as individuals [the community center] is a place where they get together to celebrate as a team,” said Horne.

They’re still building the first four homes, funded in large part by a group from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

The organization’s naming the first village after the group, where veterans will spend time healing.

“Healing means more than just physical healing. Healing means psychological counseling, but spiritual counseling as well. Getting back in touch with what’s important and understanding that they have value and that they are going to be able to thrive again, is a really important part of what we’re doing here,” said veteran Daniel Gade, who serves on the board of directors for the National Center for Healthy Veterans.

The first community center is expected to be complete in early 2022.

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