Attorney General candidates differ in stance on abortion

Voters will choose between Jason Miyares and Mark Herring at the polls on Election Day

In about six weeks, Virginians will head to the polls to pick the next Attorney General.

ROANOKE, Va – In about six weeks, Virginians will head to the polls to pick the next Attorney General.

The two candidates have differing views on most things but especially the issue of abortion.

“I am pro-life with exemptions right consents threat to the mother’s life,” Republican Candidate for Attorney General Jason Miyares said.

Democratic Candidate for Attorney General Mark Herring has a different stance.

“I will always be right here standing with the women of Virginia, ready to fight tooth and nail for their rights against extremists who want to strip them of their rights,” Herring said.

Herring said if elected, he will continue to protect progressive laws passed over the last eight years.

“No woman should have ever had decisions about their reproductive system controlled by politicians, and yet my opponent seems to think he knows what is best for women and their bodies,” Herring said.

Miyares said he has a history of being pro-life.

“My position on abortion is very different than Mark Herring’s position, which is abortion anytime, anywhere, up until the moment of birth, paid for by taxpayers, that’s even very, very different than Bill Clinton, who said he wanted abortion to be safe, legal and rare,” Miyares said.

Herring raised concerns that if republicans are elected this November, Virginia could see similar proposed laws to those recently passed in Texas.

“Texas’s abortion ban is a clear warning of what is at stake here in Virginia,” Herring said.

But Miyares said he would not support laws similar to those proposed in Texas.

“As I’ve said before that I would not have voted for the Texas bill it had no exceptions and separate from that and created a brand-new private cause of action that was completely unworkable,” Miyares said.

The two candidates are set to have a debate held by the Loudon County Chamber of Commerce on Oct. 13. Election Day is Nov. 2.

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Annie Schroeder joined the 10 News team as a reporter in June 2020 and is no stranger to Southwest Virginia.