103-year-old veteran honored at National D-Day Memorial in Bedford

Walter Sarver spent most of his life serving his country

The National D-Day Memorial in Bedford is honoring one of the oldest veterans in our area.

BEDFORD, Va – One of the oldest World War II veterans in our region was honored at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford on Tuesday.

When Walter Sarver joined the army more than six decades ago, he knew he wanted to serve his country.

“The amount of people protecting this country make it possible to have this beautiful country,” Sarver said.

Born in 1918 in Giles County, Sarver fought in World War II and served in many roles.

One of his most vivid memories is Pearl Harbor.

“Everybody was asleep there, and they invaded them while they were asleep, we couldn’t believe that, but it’s all over now,” Sarver said.

Tuesday Sarver and his family came to the memorial to view his newly placed brick at the site honoring his and his son’s service.

“A lot of people gave their life for this country, so you’ve got to honor those people they gave it all,” Sarver said.

The army veteran will be honored here forever at the D-Day Memorial, but his legacy will also live on through his family.

“For me, it’s a real honor to give them the memory forever, and for their children to know the legacy that they’ve had,” Daughter Susanne Sarver-Sigman said.

While he is set to turn 104 this March, Sarver still loves the country he spent his life protecting.

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