10-year-old cancer survivor gets special trip to meet his idol, Tim Tebow

Grayson Coleman battled bone cancer last year, this month he got to meet the football star

We'll tell you how a boy's battle with cancer sparked a friendship with a sports star.

While he was battling bone cancer last year, Grayson Coleman was surprised with a FaceTime call from Tim Tebow that gave him some light during a dark time.

Earlier this month, the 10-year-old boy received an even bigger surprise.

Two weeks ago, a representative from the Tim Tebow Foundation reached out to Grayson’s mom, Dawn, and told them they had a big weekend planned for them.

“She just kind of asked what we were doing this weekend and told me what she had planned and could we make it work, and I said, ‘absolutely,’” recalled Dawn.

The two flew to Atlanta the next day.

They traveled in style during the weekend in a limo.

Grayson Coleman posing with his limo for his weekend in Atlanta. (Dawn Coleman)

“They said it was going to be something a bit more than an Uber,” Grayson said with a laugh.

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Their trip began with a visit to the aquarium, then dinner where Grayson met his idol, Tim Tebow, face-to-face.

Grayson Coleman meeting Tim Tebow (Dawn Coleman)

“It’s finally good that I get to meet him and not just be able to see him on a video screen but be able to see him in person,” said Grayson.

The dinner was filled with smiles and laughs, but Grayson’s weekend was nowhere near over.

That Saturday, the young sports fan got to see his idol at work, on the SEC Network.

10-year-old cancer survivor Grayson Coleman meets Tim Tebow (WSLS)

“You don’t expect him to be like that, you think he’d be like some celebrity, but he’s just an average guy,” said Grayson.

To cap it off, that night, they attended the SEC Championship between Georgia and Alabama.

Dawn and Grayson at the SEC Championship game in Atlanta on Dec. 4, 2021. (Dawn Coleman)

“I’ve cried a lot of tears over the last couple of years and I did cry some that weekend, but they were definitely tears of joy,” said Dawn.

Grayson has been cancer-free for nearly 16 months now and has fewer doctor visits for scans.

He’s also playing sports again and just finished baseball season