Rockbridge community surprises boy who battled cancer with a parade

‘It makes me feel very loved’ says 9-year-old Grayson Coleman

BUENA VISTA, Va. – After a year of cancer treatments and hospital overnights, one little boy got quite a surprise when visiting his mom’s hometown this week.

We first introduced you to Grayson Coleman this summer after Tim Tebow FaceTimed him with well wishes.

Now, he is officially three months cancer-free.

Grayson and his mom, Dawn, have a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

It has been a busy week for the two, flying in from Florida to visit her parents in Buena Vista.

On Sunday, the community surprised the boy, who many have never met, with a parade.

“I’ve been away for almost three decades and you just can’t tell. They just start showing love to my son who’ve they’ve never met again just because of my connection here,” said Dawn.

The Rockbridge area community has followed the 9-year-old’s journey through bone cancer on social media. Many people sent cards, well wishes, and prayed for healing.

“As much as the cards and stuff, just the prayers to know that he is being covered daily by people here that just lift him up as he continues to heal,” said Dawn.

It’s really no surprise their visit would be full of love and support.

Grayson got to honk the fire truck horn and ride in a police car.

“I also arrested mom,” laughed Grayson.

Jokes aside, he knows the whole town has his back as he continues healing.

“It makes me feel very loved. All the people here are supporting me. Everybody is just so nice and everything,” said Grayson.

“Growing up here was very special and moving away there’s a lot of opportunities in big areas and stuff for sure, but it is wonderful to come home. It’s wonderful to come home and feel the love for sure,” said Dawn.

Just when he thought the week could not get any better, Grayson got to spend time at his mom’s alma mater, Liberty University.

Grayson even tossed the fooball with head coach Hugh Freeze.

“It’s just so hard, you know, it’s just so hard to say thank you enough with everything going on and all we’ve been blessed with through this ordeal,” said Dawn.

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