Vinton designer reflects on decorating the White House for the holiday season

Mark Frye was one of the 105 people selected to decorate in late November

A chance of a lifetime for this Vinton designer.

VINTON, Va. – It’s a chance of a lifetime.

A month ago, 10 News told you about a Vinton designer being asked to decorate the White House for the holidays.

Mark Frye calls his experience indescribable.

“It would just be amazing to do that again,” he said.

Frye owns a floral shop in Vinton called Creative Occasions Events Flowers and Gifts.

He was one of the 105 people selected to decorate in late November.

He said the nerves didn’t really kick in until he realized he had to be extra careful with the glue gun around the mantle.

“My team leader said ‘Just be sure to not get any hot glue on the gilt on that mirror,’” he said. “When you are working around priceless antiques and things that are worth incredible sums of money it’s kind of scary.”

Frye mainly worked in the East room but was tapped on the shoulder by the chief florist to also work in the flower shop.

With stems and leaves on the floor, he said the workshop felt like home.

“The counters were all crowded with containers and things ready to get prepped,” Frye said. “So it kind of just felt like home but in a different place.”

At a reception, Frye got the chance to meet the First Lady.

A moment he calls an out-of-body experience.

“She is very warm, genuine and kind,” he said. “Seemed very appreciative of what we were doing to help.”

Admiring the ornament trees, Frye said get ready to see some new displays because he stole some techniques that he can’t wait to replicate in his shop.

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